Reign of X Vol. 4 TP

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Old friends and new faces in the Reign of X!

Wolverine finds himself in a jam alongside his former Team X compatriot Maverick…but the reunion won’t last long if they can’t break free of the Legacy House! As Excalibur reckon with their losses, two heads of state seek to restore the status quo. All hail—Queen Elizabeth III?! Meanwhile, Siryn is dying over and over…and X-Factor must follow the screams! Cable teams up with Domino again—for the first time! But will fortune favor Nathan, or has he met his match? And who are the young heroes with familiar powers breaking the law against teenage vigilantes? Can the X-Men find the mysterious Children of the Atom before the authorities do?

Wolverine (2020) #10 / Excalibur (2019) #17 / X-Factor (2020) #6 / Cable (2020) #8 / Children of the Atom (2021) #1

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