X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 6 TP

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The planet Arakko is a new target for Arakkii pirate Sevyr Blackmore!

But where there’s crime, there’s inevitably punishment. And that’s where X-Force comes in, along with hired hands Maverick and the Mercs! But are even their combined forces up to the task of keeping these deadly warriors from overrunning the solar system? Back on Earth, XENO and its mysterious leader, the Man with the Peacock Tattoo, make their deadly move against X-Force—and all mutants! And Domino, Deadpool and Omega Red are about to fall right into his clutches! At last, learn the secrets of the fiend who’s been plaguing X-Force since the series began! But as the terrible truth of XENO’s horror-show experiments stands revealed, who—or what—is the Omni-Mutant?!

X-Force (2019) #34-38

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