X-Force by Benjamin Percy Vol. 2 HC

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“When you’re safe, you’re soft.”—Wolverine

On their island home of Krakoa, mutantkind has everything to live for—and everything to lose. With undreamed-of-influence on the world stage comes powerful enemies from around the globe, all looking to take down Krakoa, steal its secrets or kill its leaders. They’ve found paradise, but keeping it won’t be easy. That’s where X-Force comes in. The big brains—like Beast, Sage and Forge—have intelligence covered, but special ops requires unique talents. Wolverine isn’t afraid to spill blood for the cause—whether it’s his enemies or his own—and Quentin Quire is dying for a piece of the action, but Domino’s luck might be about to run out. Meanwhile, what is Jean Grey doing in a crew like this? And where does the peace-loving Colossus fit in? Prepare for secrets and lies, death and rebirth, and a world of pain—both for X-Force and anyone who gets in their way.

X-Force (2019) #15-26 / Wolverine (2020) #13

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