Trials of X Vol. 2 TP

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New beginnings in the Reign of X!

The old Cable is back—big gun in hand, locked, loaded and landing on the deadliest planet in X-history to steal the ultimate weapon…and stop the Last Annihilation! The investigation into Scarlet Witch’s death takes a very unexpected turn, as the Avengers and X-Men unite to face monster attacks on Krakoa! Will Magneto stand trial…or will a different killer be revealed? And what act of redemption will trigger the latest massive step forward for mutantkind in the Krakoan era? Meanwhile, Wolverine is on the hunt for a missing sword—and his deadly new nemesis, Solem, is playing mind games!

Cable: Reloaded (2021) #1 / X-Men: Trial of Magneto (2021) #3-5 / Wolverine (2020) #14

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