Tony Stark: Iron Man by Dan Slott Omnibus HC

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Dan Slott gives Tony Stark an upgrade — and unleashes the long-awaited Iron Man of 2020! Iron Man is an idea. Always changing. Always evolving. Now the ultimate self-made hero is reaching new heights of inventiveness! But Tony has been holding back an enormous secret since his return, and it will change everything! Stark’s new virtual world, the eScape, seems like a paradise — but who controls it? And who controls Iron Man? Artificial intelligence takes the focus as Jocasta and Machine Man join the cast, and Tony questions his very identity — but when an AI uprising begins, Iron Man is not the invincible hero the world needs. Arno Stark’s time has come: 2020 is here.. And a robot revolution is about to transform the world!

Collecting TONY STARK: IRON MAN #1-19, IRON MAN (1998) #25 and IRON MAN 2020 #1-6.

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