Reign of X Vol. 11 TP

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Not everyone will make the party event of the Reign of X!

Nightcrawler sure will, but first he must uncover the dark force hidden within Krakoa. The answers are hidden within the mindscape…and one of the most dangerous mutants of all is reborn! Young Cable won’t make it to the Hellfire Gala—this or any other year! Some summers seem like they will never end…and some end too soon. Meanwhile, the big night sounds like the perfect opportunity for the Children of the Atom to finally rub shoulders with mutant royalty. After all, Krakoa is their homeland…right? What could stop them? Or rather, who? Caught in the crossfires of war, the kids are holding out for a hero—but that hero might just be among them!

Way of X (2021) #2 / Cable (2020) #11-12 / Children of the Atom (2021) #4-5

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