New Mutants by Vita Ayala Vol. 2 TP

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New Mutants no more?!

At the Hellfire Gala, the New Mutants have the chance to take a break from training the youth of Krakoa—an opportunity to get dressed up and get down! But not everyone is on their best behavior—and someone is about to vanish without a trace. In the heart of the Wild Hunt, schemers are dreaming, deceptions are coming to light and the dead are walking. As the New Mutants gear up for their biggest battle yet—and start to turn on each other in the process—mayhem is in the making on the moon! Something is creeping in the long lunar shadows of the Summer House, and our young heroes will soon come face-to-face with it. When Amahl Farouk executes his master plan, will it be the end of the New Mutants?

New Mutants (2019) #19-24

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