Dawn Of X Vol. 10 TP

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The Dawn of X is full of dangers!

As one member of X-Force struggles with their secrets unraveling, the rest of the squad must fight to stay alive! Excalibur charts a new mission—and their destination is the Starlight Citadel! When the X-Men lose contact with the Greymalkin Habitat, it falls to Nightcrawler to lead a mission into the unknown! Meanwhile, Mister Sinister finds a use for Krakoa’s troublemakers. Meet his new Hellions: Scalphunter, Wild Child, Empath, Nanny, Orphan-Maker, Psylocke…and Havok?! They’re the team you’re going to hate to love! Then the youth of mutantkind are ready to take on any challenge the world has to throw at them—but when reality betrays them, what hope is there for the New Mutants?

X-Force (2019) #10 / Excalibur (2019) #9 / Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler (2020) / Hellions (2020) #1 / New Mutants (2019) #9

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