Wolverine by Benjamin Percy Vol. 5 TP

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The mark of the Beast!

On defense or offense, Wolverine is Krakoa’s best weapon. But that doesn’t mean he always attacks exactly where the Beast aims, and what Hank McCoy chooses to do about that is going to set Logan on a startling and revelatory path that will redefine his future! Just what, exactly, is Beast’s agenda? And why has it turned Logan…savage? Prepare for a betrayal that will change everything and send Wolverine deep into the Pit of Exile beneath Krakoa! As Logan comes to grips with his plight and finally begins to heal, the gravity of his recent missions comes into full focus. But will the emergence of figures from his past, and his own dual nature, save his long life — or finally end it?!

Wolverine (2020) #26-30

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