Trials of X Vol. 9 TP

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The Trials of X are more massive than ever!

As Storm battles the Lethal Legion on Mars, there are explosive problems on the Peak—and the mole inside S.W.O.R.D. stands revealed! Wolverine hunts the leviathan that lurks off the shores of Krakoa, but can even he take down a hidden creature of the deep that’s bigger and stronger and older than math can figure? The Marauders have their hands full too—with Fin Fang Foom! And the Hellions might all hate one another, but Nanny loves her latest addition! Orphan-Maker, though, has other feelings—and dangerous ideas!

S.W.O.R.D. (2020) #10-11 / Wolverine (2020) #19 / Marauders (2019) #26  / Hellions #16-17

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