The Punisher Vol. 3: Street by Street, Block by Block TP

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All-out war – just the way Frank likes it! The Punisher is at war with Baron Zemo – but he soon discovers that Zemo’s plans are even more sinister than Frank Castle believed! As their conflict extends beyond the nation of Bagalia, the stakes get higher – and the clock is ticking. What lines will Frank cross to stop Zemo? The Punisher returns to New York to reload but finds himself labeled an international terrorist – which does not make for a happy homecoming. And one man who certainly is not happy Frank’s back is NYC’s mayor, Wilson Fisk, the “former” Kingpin of Crime. But Baron Zemo’s not done with Frank yet, and he’s got backup. Who are Zemo’s new Thunderbolts?!

Collecting PUNISHER (2018) #12-16

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