Nightwing Vol. 5: Raptors Revenge Rebirth TP

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Assassin vigilante. Mentor. And now nemesis. From his career as one of the Court of Owls’ hired killers to his stint as Dick Grayson’s would-be-partner and teacher, the man called Raptor has always been one of the world’s deadliest fighters. And now that Nightwing has rejected offer, he’s poised to become the greatest foe the black-and-blue guardian of Blüdhaven has ever known.

But Nightwing has other, older enemies in his adopted hometown. Now he’ll need to count on them as allies.

When Raptor’s vendetta threatens the lives of every man, woman and child in the Blüd, Nightwing is forced to turn to the man who hates him most, Blockbuster, for help.

It’s a team-up like nothing Nightwing has ever known—as if Batman and the Joker joined forces.

That’s exactly what makes the alliance so dangerous. If it succeeds, Raptor will feel victory slip under his talons. But if it fails, the entire city of Blüdhaven will fall…

Exploding from the pages of the DC REBIRTH event comes NIGHTWING VOL. 5: RAPTOR’S REVENGE—a pulse-pounding thriller pitting Nightwing against an unforgettable addition to his rogues gallery, from writer TIM SEELEY (BATMAN ETERNAL) and artists JAVIER FERNANDEZ (RED HOOD/ARSENAL), MIGUEL MENDONÇA (WONDER WOMAN) and DIANA EGEA (SMALLVILLE: SEASON ELEVEN). Collects NIGHTWING #30-34.

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