Justice League Vol. 4: The Sixth Dimension TP

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The Justice League is victorious. Now the true battle begins!

Far beyond the realms of our understanding lies the sixth dimension—the control room of the Multiverse, where cosmic beings set our fates in motion long ago.

Now, with our Multiverse hurtling toward a final judgment it will not survive, our only hope lies in the sixth dimension. No mortals have ever visited it…but the Justice League are no mere mortals!

Through the doorway to the sixth dimension, the Justice League discovers a future version of Earth, where the hard choices have already been made and the Multiverse has already been saved. All they need to do now is accept this gift, and their battle will be over.

But the easy choice is never as easy as it seems. As the Justice League learns the terrible secret of this seeming paradise, Superman must fight to free himself from an impossible trap—a universe designed just to imprison him. With a powerful being and an entire world aligned against our heroes, will the fate of the Justice League and the entire Multiverse come down to an assist from the Legion of Doom?

Tying into DC’s “Year of the Villain” event, SCOTT SNYDER (BATMAN: BATMAN LAST KNIGHT ON EARTH), JORGE JIMENEZ (SUPERMAN), JAVIER FERNANDEZ (GREEN ARROW), JAMES TYNION IV (JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK) and FRANCIS MANAPUL (THE FLASH) take the World’s Greatest Super Heroes past the thresholds of imagination, into previously uncharted territory! Collects JUSTICE LEAGUE #19-28.

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