Inferno HC

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He changed everything for mutantkind and explored the Krakoan era. Now the keeper of the mutant flame, JONATHAN HICKMAN, presents his next incendiary saga! Mystique, former mutant terrorist and espionage agent supreme, is loyal to Professor X’s Quiet Council for one reason only: the promise that someday, he will resurrect her beloved Destiny. But when Moira MacTaggert helped Professor X and Magneto realize their lifelong dreams for mutantkind, it came with one condition—do not allow any precognitive mutants on the island of Krakoa. What will Mystique do when she realizes that she is being strung along? Vengeance burns hot—and Mystique is about to ignite an Inferno! And where has the elusive Moira MacTaggert been all this time, anyway?

Inferno (2021) #1-4

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