Hellions by Zeb Wells Vol. 3 TP

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There’s no need to worry! Mister Sinister, the sadistic puppeteer of the Hellions, is just fine! Right? Eh, not really. Sinister’s menacing clone is on his way to Krakoa to reclaim the cape—and destroy the Hellions in the process! Tarn the Uncaring and his murderous Locus Vile are also out for vengeance on both Sinister and the Hellions! This could get ugly. But never fear, the mutants you love to hate are ready for the ultimate rematch! Well…sort of. Meanwhile, Nanny loves her latest addition to the “family”—but how does Orphan-Maker feel about it? Jealous, angry…and about to take out his frustrations on anti-mutant militia the Right! But as the wheels come off the Hellions bandwagon, will Psylocke’s secret side deal with Sinister cause a schism that will end the team before their enemies can?

Hellions (2020) #13-18

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