Guardians of the Galaxy by Al Ewing Vol. 3: We’re Super Heroes TP

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They were soldiers, misfits, mercenaries, thieves and a family. They were heroes — but times have changed. The galaxy no longer needs heroes. It needs super heroes! Now when the call goes forth — whether it’s from a stranded team of planetary explorers or Emperor Hulkling himself — the Guardians of the Galaxy answer! As half the team defends the Kree/Skrull Throneworld against a deadlier threat than they’ve ever faced before, the other half investigates a terrifying sacrificial cult on a mysterious planet — with the power to plunge the universe into war! New headquarters! New costumes! New teammates! An all-new enemy you’ll have to see to believe! And a whole cosmos of trouble! Get on board, True Believer — it’s going to be the ride of your life!

Collecting GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY (2020) #13-18.

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