Captain Marvel Vol. 10: Revenge of the Brood Part 2 TP

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Higher, further, faster — to the very end! Kelly Thompson leaves her final, indelible fingerprints on Earth’s Mightiest Hero! Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Hazmat and the X-Men embarked on a mission to find Rogue and rescue Binary. But now, overwhelmed and trapped in the alien Brood’s backyard, Carol and her team are forced to sacrifice one of their own. The Brood let Carol through their clutches once before and created one of their worst enemies. They won’t make that mistake again! But what the experience unlocked the first time helped make Carol the Captain Marvel she is today. What will it unlock this time?! You just can’t miss the shocking conclusion of Thompson’s record-breaking run!

Collecting CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019) #47-50.

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