Batman Vol. 7: The Wedding TP

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For years the Bat and the Cat have fought tooth and nail, only to reverse course and fight side by side. Now, at last, their true for each other are out in the open…and Batman and Catwoman are about to seal their union with the wedding of the century.

But for these star-crossed crime-fighters, nothing ever comes easy.

As Bruce and Selina prepare to tie the knot, the time-traveling hero called Booster Gold crashes the party with a dangerous and deadly mission that will send them hurtling through the space-time continuum—and which threatens to rip it all apart.

And though Gotham City’s greatest couple are ready to elope in order to escape their enemies, Batman’s greatest nemesis is not about to hold his peace. The Joker intends to make himself the Dark Knight’s best man—and wherever the Clown of Prince goes chaos is sure to follow.

The stage is set for an event that will change the history of two of comics’ most iconic characters forever!

You are cordially invited to attend BATMAN VOL. 7: THE WEDDING, featuring the union of acclaimed writer TOM KING (MISTER MIRACLE) and legendary Bat artist TONY S. DANIEL (DEATHSTROKE), with regular artist MIKEL JANÍN (GRAYSON) and a host of comics’ most talented artists on the guest list! Collects stories from BATMAN #45-50 and DC NATION #0.

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