Detective Comics Vol. 1: Mythology TP

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A mysterious enemy who knows everything about Batman’s history is pulling no punches. Clues take the form of disturbing reminders of the Dark Knight’s darkest days, as he is forced to fight a losing battle to protect those who have been most important to his transformation from a scared little boy to Gotham’s champion.

When interrogating his foes inside Arkham Asylum raises more questions than answers, Batman must depend on himself along to discover the mastermind behind these challenges…a foe who has been part of Batman’s life since the very beginning of his crime-fighting career!

The acclaimed writer/artist team of PETER J. TOMASI (ADVENTURES OF THE SUPER SONS) and DOUG MAHNKE (JUSTICE LEAGUE) pit Batman against a figure from his past who knows all the Dark Knight’s secrets!

This opening volume collects DETECTIVE COMICS #994-999.

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