Araña: Here Comes The Spider-Girl TP

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Out of the pages of AMAZING FANTASY comes a spectacular hero!

She’s a wall-crawler for a whole new generation: Anya Corazon, A.K.A. Araña! When scrappy Brooklyn high school student Anya accidentally crosses paths with the mystical Spider Society, she finds herself empowered with a magical tattoo that generates a strange armored exoskeleton – and grants her amazing powers! But as Araña gets more and more involved with the Spider Society, she learns of their ancient, hidden war against a ruthless enemy. Will Araña become a Hunter? Can she keep her father, an inquisitive reporter, from learning the truth? And what happens when her brand-new archenemy transfers into her school?! Meet the modern marvel with the heart of the spider!

Collecting AMAZING FANTASY (2004) #1-6 and ARANA #1-6.

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