Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench TP

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In the waters that cover the vast majority of the Earth, Aquaman reigns supreme. Yet on the surface world—a world he and the deadly beauty Mera battle to protect—the king of the sea is out of his element. Humanity dismisses and respects him, just as they do the ocean he rules.

They may not like him. But they need him.

For Aquaman is not the only power beneath the waves. A terrifying new threat has emerged from the black abyss miles below the surface. There, no light reaches, and only hunger and hate can survive.

The trench has opened, spewing forth horrors. Now Aquaman must make a choice that will put the survival of one species—our species—against another, or the whole world will be dragged into its gaping maw…

GEOFF JOHNS and IVAN REIS—the superstar creative team behind GREEN LANTERN: SECRET ORIGIN and BLACKEST NIGHT—plunge you headfirst into the darkest waters in AQUAMAN: THE TRENCH (collecting issues #1-6) as they reunite for a modern take on one of the DC Universe’s most powerful heroes!

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