Action Comics Vol. 3: Men of Steel TP

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Superman must team up with his arch-enemy Lex Luthor in SUPERMAN-ACTION COMICS VOL. 3, as a part of DC Rebirth!

Lex Luthor is under attack–and only Superman can save him! When the world’s most ingenious scientific mind took on the mantle of Metropolis’ new Man of Steel, the world took notice–and so did the mysterious Godslayer!

But are the Godslayer’s actions justified? Will stopping Lex Luthor prevent catastrophe later?

With elements of The Multiversity, writer Dan Jurgens (THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN) continues his return to the Man of Steel along with illustrators Tyler Kirkham (DEATHSTROKE) and Patrick Zircher (GREEN ARROW) for the next great Superman chapter in ACTION COMICS VOL. 3!

Collects issues #967-972.

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